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A Brief History of the South padre island holiday sandcastle village

Improving south padre island, tx - one sandcastle at a time

Update 5/2020: We have finished updating the village with sculptures and banners honoring the Class of 2020. See a gallery of videos and photos of this re-build here!

Next Up: The LOVE sculpture carved by Lucinda in Feb. was mostly wiped out by a storm in May. Her next project will be to re-carve that sculpture -- adding a twist for local animal rescuers. Stop by and cheer her on!

South Padre Island's newest attraction- a sand sculpture gallery comprised of 10 massive sand sculptures and several smaller ones, created by some of the most talented sand sculptors from around the world. Located in the center of the town's entertainment district and free to view (donations are welcomed), the sculptures are preserved, maintained and updated on a rotating basis, so that with every return the visitor will see something new -- and possibly get to observe a skilled sand sculptor at work.

In its current location - on west Marlin St. right under the Ferris Wheel - the sculpture garden was originally created within a 60' x 30' tent in October of 2019 by an international crew of sculptors in town for the 32nd Annual SPI Sandcastle Days Competition. The first round of sculptures loosely held to a Christmas/New Years theme. The display - along with a musical light show - was opened to the public from late Nov. through early Jan., and over 35,000 documented visitors took a stroll through it during that time period. The project was conceived and proposed by the island's own master sand sculptor, Lucinda "sandy feet" Wierenga, and funded by the town of South Padre Island and a handful of local business partners.

After the holidays, while the town was contemplating removing the sculptures from the vacant lot, Lucinda asked that she be allowed to continue to maintain and update the gallery under the auspices of her 501(c)3 nonprofit - Sandcastle Island, Inc. (SII). Raising funds locally from private and business sponsors, she was able to assemble a small local (SPI and Texas) team to update the most "Christmassy" sculptures into new sculptures with more of a Valentines theme.

The local crew was in the process of updating the gallery to a spring break theme, when the pandemic hit and Shelter in Place rules brought work to a halt.